Browser Requirements - Updated 2/22/2019

We reserve the right to update our browser requirements at any time, but in general our philosophy is to provide support for all current and recent releases of modern browsers across commonly available operating system platforms.

All browsers utilized with our applications must support the following: We officially support the following browsers for use with our applications. We do not provide support for beta, pre-release, or development browser versions.
Desktop Browsers Windows Mac OS Linux
Internet Explorer 11.0+ ​N/A
Microsoft Edge Current
Firefox ​Current, previous and ESR
Google Chrome
Current and previous
Opera Current and previous
Safari N/A 9.1+ N/A
Mobile Browsers Version
Safari Mobile iOS 9.0+
Chrome Mobile ​Current
Opera Mobile ​Current
Although we only provide support for the above mainstream browsers, we anticipate that many other browsers will also be compatible with our applications.